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About Alan Quasha

November 7, 2007

Alan Grant Quasha has served as President of Quadrant Management, Inc. since 1988. Mr. Quasha has served as Chairman of the Board of Harken since March 31, 2003 and previously he had served as Chairman of the Board of Harken from June 1983 to February 1991. Mr. Quasha served as a director of Compagnie FinanciTre Richemont SA, a Swiss luxury goods company, since its formation in 1988, and American Express Funds, the mutual fund arm of American Express Company, from between May 2002 and April 2004. Mr. Quasha served as a governor of the American Stock Exchange for three years from April 1994 to April 1997.

“Investments usually change for the most part during the lifetime of an individual and company. Diversifying investments by spreading investments reduces financial portfolio risk. Returns can be maximized by reducing risks by employing diversifiction strategies.”


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