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Alan Quasha on China’s new law

October 1, 2008

When looking for new spheres of investment, there are many who look to the developing markets for their source of yield. There is no doubt that this approach and strategy has much merit to it, as developing markets have tremendous untapped potential, and those entering these markets have the opportunity to become the innovators with their respective fields. Furthermore, the earlier one enters these markets the greater the chance that he will become a market leader, and in turn even be able to set the tone and parameters for his field of activities.

The greatest developing economy on earth is that of China. Its colossal population that has been detached from much of the developments and advances of the western world lures many investors and entrepreneurs the world over. However, as with all young markets, there are many unknowns which may detract from the favorable aspects of that market.

In an article on The, investment manager and successful business director, Alan Quasha mentions a concern that may be indicative of the economic climate in China. Quasha analyses the fiscal boom in China, and Quasha cautions against hasty decision making without properly considering all the factors involved.

The new corporate bankruptcy laws passed are something that must considered in investor’s risk evaluation and management. Alan Quasha, a leading and brilliant financial figure, currently Chairman of Carret Asset Management, LLC, and Quasha also serves as the chairman of the investment firm, Quadrant Management Inc.

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