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Restructuring Alan Quasha Style

May 3, 2009

wateringmoneytreeIn a discussion of how Alan Quasha of Quadrant Management has had such consistent success in the restructuring business for many years, Mr. Quasha described his technique.

Explaining that Quadrant Management are principals, as opposed to being merely consultants or advisors, Mr. Quasha  points out that,

“We restructure companies with ownership in mind because the process often requires making fundamental changes to the business model and laying out a strategy for where the business can go.”

When Quadrant began restructuring companies over 30 years ago there was little incentive to doing it as an agent, since there was no money restructuring a company that way. It pretty much had to be done by the management company as a principal, and that is how they still do it today.

Restructuring is more common during times of economic adversity, so Quadrant Management has been quite active in recent months.  One of the leading entertainment distribution companies, Genius Products, is, according to Alan Quasha’s terminology,  “a leader in ‘non-Blockbuster’ titles”, meaning that it deals with most entertainment mediums. Since Genius is already strong in the movie and DVD business, Quadrant is helping to involve them more in the music and game business.

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