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Alan Quasha’s Early Days at Harvard and Beyond

May 15, 2009

tennissilhouetteWhen Alan Quasha, now CEO of Quadrant Management, was a student at Harvard, he played on both the tennis and squash teams. Mr. Quasha was on three national championship teams while at Harvard, so the level of competition was quite high, and most likely helped to keep  him fit for years to come.

Alan went to Harvard Law and Business School simultaneously through a special joint program. When he graduated he started practicing law. Despite the fact that Mr. Quasha enjoyed working at his law firm, due to a proactive personality he decided to start his own firm.

At the age of 29, 30 years ago, Alan Quasha actually did one of the very first leveraged buyouts.

“I figured out a way to take a company private with essentially no capital. Then came the hard part: After the deal we had to make the company work. It was a very interesting experience, and I learned that there are a whole lot of things you can do to change even traditional businesses to make them more efficient and competitive, against incredible adversity, and turn them into leading companies.”

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