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Quasha Calls for Less Spending–More Investing

June 15, 2009

shoppingIn an article that appeared in “The Daily Beast”, Alan Quasha, CEO of Quadrant Management, rhetorically asked whether we can “stimulate the economy short and long term in a way that ends the financial meltdown but does not mortgage the future of our children and grandchildren?”

His answer is an unequivocal “yes”, but it can only be accomplished through more investment and a reduction in consumption. This approach suggests that investments will stimulate job creation, but consumption will “sap our already depleted wealth.”

Since Quasha believes that a “new plan needs a new vocablulary”, Alan Quasha would like to refrain from referring to a “bailout” of banks, but rather a “reengineering” of America.

He would like to see an end to propping up values and the bad habit of “throwing good money after bad businesses.” Quasha believes we should begin to think outside “the Beltway box.”


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