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Alan Quasha Discusses the Art of Mistakes

August 25, 2009

mistakes imp.prt. lifeIn an article by Alan Quasha, CEO of Quadrant Management, in, he explains the importance of making mistakes. When smart and talented people refuse to admit that a mistake either has or even can happen, that’s when mistakes become a problem. A humble, insightful person recognizes that one must plan for and measure accurately downside risk and consider all information at hand, not just the information that agrees with your initial assessment of a situation.

We have learned from the past that those that succeed are not the ones that always do the ‘safe’ thing; those that expect mistakes to happen but refuse to be afraid are ultimately successful. These people are able to learn from their mistakes, and forge ahead, undaunted, knowing there is another mistake right around the corner, ready to meet the challenge and ultimately succeed.

Unfortunately our society does not foster this attitude, and children are taught from a young age to avoid at all costs making mistakes. We react with anger and fear to our mistakes. This causes unhealthy, unproductive reactions to mistakes such as denying them, covering them up, or avoiding risks so as to prevent mistakes.


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