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A Unique Company

January 7, 2010

Compagnie Financière Richemont SA is a unique and dynamic company.  Based in Geneva, Switzerland, they have four regional offices in Geneva, Tokyo, Hong Kong and New York.  Each office provides supportive services for their various Maisons.

As part of Richemont, Alan Quasha serves as a Non-Executive Director on the Board of Directors. The Board, comprised of 15 internationally recognized business leaders, works to ensure the continued success of the company.

Richemont directly employs 19,600 people.  Each of their Maisons has his own head office, based in companies around the world.  Their vast range of luxury products produce revenues and profits that benefit a large collection of people.  Their profits from the production and sale of their many product lines benefit the employees, suppliers, business partners, shareholders and more.  They take great pride in being a significant employer, who directly employs a large group of skilled workers and who helps to continue to develop the skills of thousands of employees.


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