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Alan Quasha:Restructuring Businesses for Success

April 26, 2010

We hear a lot about the process of business restructuring. It is one of the specialties in which Alan Quasha engages, and is one major way a company in distress can overhaul and improve its business outlook and success.

Restructuring is the term used in the business world for the process of reorganizing the many aspects which come together to create a functioning business, such as the legal, ownership, operational and additional company structures. Restructuring is usually utilized in order to improve a company’s profitability or to create a more efficiently organized company structure so that the company can better meet its present day needs.

Companies sometimes choose to restructure when there is an ownership change, merger or de-merger, or a major corporate crisis such as bankruptcy, buyout or financial repositioning. Sometimes restructuring might be referred to in more specific terms, such as debt restructuring, corporate restructuring or financial restructuring.


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