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Alan Quasha on Forbes

May 6, 2010

Alan Quasha is definitely someone in the know when it comes to finance and investment.  As well as an impressive academic background in law, Quasha has an MBA from one of – if not the – best schools in the country; Harvard.  So the fact that he can boast having been published numerous times in Forbes, should come as no great surprise.
Forbes and Alan Quasha Helping the Business World
Forbes is published every two weeks and has a circulation of more than 90,000.  But along with the company’s other publications (Forbes Asia as well as ten international editions), the publication reaches more than six million people worldwide.  Forbes enjoys 10 local-language editions in: Turkey, Korea, Israel, Indonesia, India, China, Croatia, Romania, Poland and Russia.  So if one wants to be influential in the business and financial world, getting heard in Forbes is definitely the way to go, as Alan Quasha no doubt has realized.  Those in this area need to be updated immediately on world financial news and this magazine provides them with the tools.  The main categories covered by the magazine are: Entrepreneurs, Leadership, Technology, Business, Personal Finances and Markets.


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