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Bill Preventing TBI: Brain Trauma Foundation News with Alan Quasha

June 9, 2010

A new bill in the Missouri House raises important questions about athletes and injuries. Representative Don Calloway of St. Louis has introduced this bill, which says that any high school student who suffers a head injury has to go through a collection of tests before being cleared to return to practice.

The bill also calls for athletes and their families to receive education about the effects that such injuries have on young people. Certainly, these are the types of issues that the Brain Trauma Foundation, with President Alan Quasha, deals with every day in their quest to educate people about brain trauma and to prevent injuries.

As Dr. Brian Mahaffey, director of St. John’s Sports Medicine, explained, “Most kids recovering from a concussion are able to return to activities very well, but unfortunately some of them have some long-term side effects that could last a couple of weeks to a couple of months.”

Dr. Mahaffey points out that the bill is certainly a good idea, but that doctors need to remain updated on the latest research and symptoms of brain injuries from an institution like the Brain Trauma Foundation with Alan Quasha.


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