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Alan Quasha and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

June 23, 2010

Chairman of the American Brain Trauma Foundation Alan Quasha works with a team of individuals dedicated to helping TBI sufferers. Getting these individuals care as soon as possible, is crucial to Quasha and his team. Unfortunately, a study has shown that this has not been the case recently with America’s military. A National Public Radio and ProPublica investigation found that “the military is failing to identify and treat soldiers with so-called mild traumatic brain injuries.” This attack was denied by Gen. Peter Chiarelli, the Army’s vice chief of staff. Military statistics have shown that approximately 115,000 soldiers have suffered from mild TBI since 2002, but doctors working for the military as well as studies that have not been published, suggest otherwise and that the figure is in fact substantially higher. This has led to around 5-15% of those affected and left untreated to “go on to develop cognitive problems.” This is very disappointing since according to the BTF which Alan Quasha chairs, recovery from TBI is always best when treated earliest.


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