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Alan Quasha, Investment Management and Private Equity

July 7, 2010

Alan Quasha, president of a principal alternative investment management firm and partner in a global equity firm, may know a thing or two about investment advisers.  But for one who is not familiar or at all comfortable in the field, they may be best advised to start doing a bit of homework on Investment Advisers 101.  The first question you want to ask is, what is an investment adviser?  Why does one need one?  The answer is that one who wants to make an investment would seek an investment adviser to teach them about securities when it comes to stocks, bonds or funds.  As well, they can be helpful in portfolio or securities management.  Before hiring an investment manager, one should ask about their credentials, experience, licenses held, products and services offered, fees, and any possible unsavory (illegal) problems they have incurred in the past.  Try learning a bit more about the field before you make your decision.  Remember, there are a lot of investment advisers out there and it is important that you settle on one who has a good, solid reputation and with whom you have a good feeling about.


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