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Alan Quasha and Business Advice

August 2, 2010

Businessman Alan Quasha, a Partner at Vanterra Capital, president and CEO of Quadrant Management was once interviewed on how he became so successful and how he has dealt with that on a personal level.  The interviewer spoke about how he went from having next to nothing to becoming an “extremely wealthy individual, with a large group of companies” and how he acted in the public eye.  He replied, “I’m very shy, and I’m certainly publicity shy. I’ve never felt that getting yourself out in the public was a good thing. I personally enjoy working with companies, fixing companies, and growing companies, and to me, it’s the getting-your-hands-dirty part of this that I really like – not the “glitter.” Obviously, profit and loss is very measured. I worry a lot when you can’t measure what you’re doing. If you can’t measure something, you don’t know its results. So for example, it always worries me when governments decide they’re going to spend a lot of money without tools to measure how effective it’s going to be.”


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