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The Importance of Brain Trauma Awareness

October 30, 2010

On September 12th, over 28 million people watched Stewart Bradley of the Philadelphia Eagles take a hit on the football field. He stood up uncertainly, tripped, and then crashed back down to the turf. Everyone watching, including the announcers, were immediately concerned. Barely four minutes later, Bradley was back on the field as if nothing had happened.  Only at halftime was his injury diagnosed. When asked, the Eagles explained that they had not removed him from the field for more time because no concussion had been detected while he was on the sidelines, and because the medical staff had not seen the hit or Bradley’s collapse on the field.

This incident was very public, and yet the concussion was only diagnosed and cared for long after it happened. This has made people realize how many concussions must go unnoticed on a regular basis. Most schools do not have medical staff standing by during recess or athletic activities, and some who do are lacking doctors who are qualified to deal with head injuries. The American Brain Trauma Foundation, with Chairman Alan Quasha, is one of many organizations working hard to promote awareness of concussions and their potential danger.



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