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Alan Quasha’s Biography

Alan Grant Quasha, born 1950, is an extremely successful and accomplished businessman, who serves – and has served – on the boards of a number of major corporations.

Over the past 25 years Quasha has been involved in the successful restructuring and general improvement of over 30 companies internationally. His financial activities have included active involvement in the management of companies and business concerns in the United States as well as in international emerging markets, and also the successful investment in many varied economic areas and bodies.


Alan Quasha received his Bachelor’s degree from Harvard College in 1972, where he played on the varsity squash and tennis teams in 1976, and went on to receive an MBA from Harvard Business School, then completing a Doctorate of Law from Harvard Law School.

Quasha also attended New York University Law School where he completed a Master of Law degree, obtaining an LLM in taxation in 1980.

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