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Alan Quasha and Latest Financial World News

May 26, 2010

Given that Alan Quasha was the governor of the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) for three years in the 1990s, he might still be interested in what goes on there. The most recent news is that New York Stock Exchange Euronext heads (along with those from Nasdaq OMX Group), were called to Washington to discuss the recent huge stock market plunge and how this might have been partly caused by all the different and conflicting trading rules. What happens is that there are so many different rules which have been established by various exchanges which is not good. Therefore, these need to somehow be reconciled if things are to improve.

Alan Quasha and AMEX

For someone as active in the global business world as Alan Quasha is today, any news on what is going on in the American Stock Exchange is important. Whatever developments take place such as the one discussed here which might improve activities for traders, will be welcome news for individuals such as Quasha.


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